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Where to install carpet tiles?

You can install carpet tiles almost anywhere. Just about every room in your home can benefit from the use of carpet tiles. Here are a few places where carpet tiles would be very useful:


Basements are common places that are known for flooding when it rains, and are usually damp most of the time. Cleaning damp and wet areas is very difficult as you usually have to tear up the entire carpet. Carpet tiles are ideal for a soft feel in your basement as you can easily take them off and dry the space that flooded, and if any piece of carpet tile gets damaged you can replace the particular piece without having to replace the whole carpet, this will also save money.

Porches and outdoor spaces

If you like to have carpet in porches our outdoor spaces for your kids to play on during the summer days, carpet tiles are ideal as they provide comfort, warmth and better sound quality. Carpet tiles allow you to install the carpet right over your existing deck, as well as it doesn’t fade from being exposed to the sunlight.

Over existing flooring

Carpet tiles can be installed anywhere, on any type of floor. If you have anywhere at home where you need to install carpet to feel the softness and warmth you can install the carpet tiles.. For example, bedrooms and living rooms that have wood or tile may not feel as cozy as those that have carpet.

Carpet tiles have so many beneficial features and versatility of where you can place it, they are also affordable and stylish with different colors and choices for different homes. What’s more, they’re easy to install so you can install them any time whenever you feel like by yourself.